April 06, 2020

It goes without saying that getting results for your clients is your top priority as a gym owner or trainer. If your clients aren’t getting results, they’ll go somewhere else. So, when we talk about the benefits of adding supplements to your gym’s offering, everything eventually comes back to results (health & wellness) for the client.

Let’s assume you’re already familiar with the obvious benefits of supplements as they relate to athletic performance and nutrition. So we’re not going to elaborate on them in this article. Instead, we’re going to talk about how supplements, as part of your business service, helps your clients achieve results and therefore helps your business succeed.

Routine is everything

It’s been shown again and again that people get better results when they follow a routine. This is true in almost all aspects of life, not just fitness. But with regards to fitness, supplements help your members create a deeper routine around fitness. When you introduce a pre/intra-workout supplement (like BCAAs) to your members’ routines, you’ll soon notice that they’ll never forget their water bottles again. Better hydration equals better results.

Similarly, introducing a post-workout supplement (like Whey Protein or Whey Recovery) will ensure your members don’t just jump in their cars for their 60-minute commutes after class without having at least something to support muscle recovery and growth.

The end result? Your members will be better prepared for their workouts and recover better afterwards.

Keep the cravings at bay

If you don’t have a routine, then nothing is “out of the ordinary” for your day or your diet. We know that you should eat a full meal within ~60 minutes of high-intensity training to kickstart the recovery process. We also know that many people don’t meal plan and when they leave the gym, it’s often to go onto the next thing on their list. Maybe that’s a slow commute to work or shuttling the kids to practice. Taking that recovery shake after class prevents your members from crashing and giving into cravings for sugary coffee drinks and snacks.

Break through the ceiling

When your clients first start working with you, the results come quickly and often. It seems like every time they squat or go for a run that they set a personal best. But as people become fitter, PRs are harder to achieve. That’s the natural progression of fitness. As we know, there’s a lot more to overall wellness than just working out. At some point, the workouts alone won’t be enough to generate positive change in their health and wellness. Nutrition must become a larger part of the equation. Introducing supplements will help your clients avoid leveling off and keep them moving to their optimal health.

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Radz Zalewski
Founder of Affiliate Supplements. Long-time CrossFitter (L1) and fitness nut. New-time dad. 


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