April 08, 2020

If you write the programming for your gym, your world has been turned upside down by COVID-19. Now, your gym is leading virtual classes to your members. Some of your members have full garage gyms while others have just their living rooms and a bag of dog food for weight. But all of your members are looking to you for workouts that keep them fit and healthy. How do you program for such a wide audience?

Now is a good time for inspiration. We looked at some of the programs out there who specialize in virtual and at-home workouts. These programs may offer new variations and modifications of classic gym movements that you can incorporate into your own programming for your members.

Here is our list of the best free resources available to help inspire your virtual programming at your gym. Whether you’re looking for bodyweight exercise, heavy lifting in your home gym, HIIT, or recovery, this list will give you a good starting point to keep your programming fresh and applicable to your whole community.


CrossFit & Functional Fitness Workouts


Comp Train Home Workouts have options for those with equipment for a home gym, as well as no equipment options for all of their workouts.


Street Parking is one of the leading at-home gym programming companies, and they offer three different workout styles for those with minimal equipment, those with a barbell, and those with a fully decked out home gym. 


Train For The Win is designed by Matt and Cherie Chan, leaders in the CrossFit Industry, and hosts workouts that can be completed with a set of dumbbells in most cases.


Beyond The Box Virtual Gym shares a daily workout with three variations: home gym workout, dumbbells workout, and bodyweight workout. The workouts are scaled to suit the equipment you have available.



Zero Equipment Workouts


CrossFit Mayhem offers a free 10-day trial for their no equipment, 30-minute workouts designed with busy athletes in mind. They also offer “advanced” scales to the daily workouts that include minimal equipment.


CrossFit Beyond The Whiteboard posts daily no equipment workouts for athletes of all levels that you can do anywhere, including scaling options.


Daily Burn offers a 60-day free trial for their class options, which include full body workouts, beginner exercises, beginner pilates, cardio strength, and high intensity training classes among others.


Lifetime Fitness offers at-home pilates, minimalist, walking and yin yoga classes free of charge. Their trainers provide videos and circuit training sessions to give you plenty of options.


HIIT Workouts


Orangetheory Fitness hosts several workouts on their YouTube channel to help you get in your interval work at home while facilities are closed. 


Fitness Blender offers a 60-day free trial for their zero equipment, no equipment workouts guaranteed to help you stay motivated.


Keelo brings strength and HIIT right to your phone with their app and offers a 14-day free trial. Workouts can include equipment or bodyweight only movements, and allow you to track your progress over time.


Fitbit Coach offers a daily workout service with audio coaching and instructions if you already have access to a Fitbit. Workouts range from seven minutes to 60 minutes to fit in your schedule even when you’re short on time.


Recovery, Mobility & Yoga Workouts


Gaia is offering a free trial for yoga classes designed for all skill levels. They have over 8,000 classes available to support your Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, and mediation practice.


CorePower Yoga opened up their online classes to the public free of charge. They have classes for all levels, as well as recorder meditations.


ROMWOD offers a free trial to their daily mobility sessions designed with athletes in mind. Their programs are guided and have options to target specific mobility issues.


The Ready State is Dr. Kelly Starrett’s latest edition of virtual mobility coaching, and offers a free 14-day trial to help you get out of pain.


Is there another program out there that has helped your programming during this time? Reach out and let us know so we can share it with other gym owners!

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Deidre Bloomquist 

Functional Nutritionist based in Denver, Colorado. Certified L3 CrossFit Trainer who loves working with athletes on performance and health goals.  

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