April 17, 2020


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Many gyms are currently facing or transitioning to shut-down mode in the wake of COVID-19 due to state mandated orders to close gym facilities to stop the spread of the virus. As a result, athletes are losing a vital and beloved part of their day.

Here’s how to help your athletes stay on track, create a new routine and see them return to your gym with appreciation and improved fitness levels.

Remain a consistent presence in their lives

As the facility that athletes think of as their second home, you need to be as consistent as you are when the doors are open. Offer regular live classes (read our article: how to lead virtual fitness classes) or sessions where athletes can connect with trainers to get scaling options, feedback, and continue building human connection.

If you haven’t already, loan or rent out your equipment to athletes as part of their membership. Providing a single dumbbell, plate, sandbag or kettlebell to athletes can make a huge difference in them maintaining and continuing to improve their fitness during the shelter-in-place.  

Continue providing feedback and personalized coaching. Assign athletes to coaches to have them reach out, touch base, and stay accountable. Coaches can help with scaling workout up or down the same way they do in class settings. 

Challenge them

Roll out new options and challenges to keep them engaged. Whether it’s a challenge to workout with the strangest home object in a workout and post a video, a burpee challenge, daily information with health experts, or a nutrition challenge, getting them involved while they are losing the ability to be physically connected to the gym will help them stay motivated and connected. 

Get Social...safely

Get active on social media. Whether it’s been a focus of yours or not in the past, the reality is that your athletes are stuck at home and have a lot of time to connect and learn on social media. Write blogs, post to Instagram/Facebook, stay active in Facebook groups, record videos and go live to engage your members several times a day. 

Be Mindful of Nutrition 

Help athletes create a nutrition routine while they are home by educating them on the important health benefits and how to incorporate supplements into their routine. Most of us struggle with a lack of routine over the weekend, and now with many of us home full-time, our routine, and nutrition, is likely struggling. This time is a great opportunity to stay in control of nutrition and supplemental habits and see big results.

Encourage athletes to block time off or set reminders for their meals and continue meal prepping as they would normally. They may even need to do some additional work to avoid the feeling of standing at the refrigerator looking for something to eat. Pre-prepped balanced meals can be supportive in helping athletes continue their usual routines, even while working from home

Focus on nutrient timing around workouts. They’re working out, but are they thinking about what they’re fueling their body with? Educate your athletes on the importance of fueling for workouts and the benefits of BCAA’s prior to exercise to minimize muscle fiber break down and muscle soreness.

Even though right at home for their workouts, athletes can still utilize a Grass-Fed Whey Proteinshake to get the best recovery from their workout. They’ll need fast-acting carbs to replenish their glycogen stores and readily available amino acids to repair muscles. This will lead to strength gains and increased muscle fiber density, even if they aren’t moving as heavy of weight as they would be in the gym.

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Deidre Bloomquist 

Functional Nutritionist based in Denver, Colorado. Certified L3 CrossFit Trainer who loves working with athletes on performance and health goals.  

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