AIO Next-Gen Site Upgrade

Are you looking to take your store to a next-level of design and engagement? Our standard store templates are great as add-ons to your existing gym website. But what if you want your nutrition and apparel store to work as a stand-alone site? 

That's where our Next-Gen design comes in. With this upgrade, we'll take your site from a single-page storefront to a multi-page site and store full of all the bells and whistles including:

  • Testimonials
  • Feature badges
  • Additional content & imagery sections
  • Enhanced banners and footers

*Please note that you are still required to provide the content for any additional section. We can do a lot, but we can't write your brand as well as you can! But if you provide the text and the images, we'll do the rest!

This is a one-time upgrade cost and will not affect your ongoing subscription cost.

View our demo version: