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Unleash the Power of Your Holiday Sales with Our Exclusive Holiday Sherpa!

Welcome to a season of unparalleled success for your online store! We understand that the holiday rush is not just about decorations and festive cheer—it's the prime time for your business to shine and maximize its potential. That's why we've crafted the ultimate solution: introducing our exclusive Holiday Sherpa program!


New Products

We are releasing special seasonal products for your store!


Perfectly timed discounts

Your customers can enjoy discount codes on every order during the Holidays.


Getting the word out

We've created a set of tools to help promote your store and boost your sales!

Tailored Products and Designs:

We've curated a collection of products sure to hit everyone's list. And best of all, we've branded them just for you.

Maximize Profits with Strategic Planning:

Our Sherpa has your holiday sales roadmap ready with perfectly timed posts and discounts for your store.

Engage Your Members:

Our post templates are designed specifically for the holiday period and are easily customized for your brand.

Let's go!

This season, don't just survive—thrive! Let's make this holiday season one to remember!

Basecamp or Summit?

Click on the buttons below to see the differences between our levels.

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Holiday Sherpa


No matter which Holiday Sherpa program you choose, your sure to improve your holidays sales this year. Both programs include new products for your store, pre-programmed discount codes and post templates.

Our Basecamp level delivers 2 branded and 2 unbranded holiday products along with DIY post templates.

Our Summiter level delivers all 4 products branded for your gym along with done-for-you posts ready for action without any editing required. 

*once you checkout, we'll let you know when your new products and posts are ready for promotion. We expect most stores to be up by EOD Wednesday.

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